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Meeko Game




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Create your Fursona!

Create and personalize your own Fursona with a wide range of variations in the character editor.

New options will be added gradually!

Play with your Fursona!

Spend time with your Fursona by playing and taking care of it. Your Fursona will get hungry and tired, so pay attention to its needs. You will surely earn its affection over time!

Don’t forget to check out the mini-games with your buddy!

Add new friends!

No matter where you are, add new furry pals to your contact book through exchanging friend codes! Exchange letters and small presents to become close pen pals and personalize your own profile with a variety of options to show your friends your interests and achievements.

And if you are not in the mood for talking, show your affection by sending paw prints!

Screenshots of Meeko Game

available soon

until then, join us on

Link to Discord Server of PolygonPawStudios