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Who are we?

The Polygon Paw Studios! We are an independent game development studio created by two friends. Despite our different personalities we share a love for making engaging and entertaining video games. We met during university and since then completed every project together. Now that we graduated, it is time to go a step further. By founding the Polygon Paw Studios our dream of creating video games became reality. We have prepared some interesting details about us. If you want to know more, keep scrolling!

Note: Every member wrote this text all by themselves. Feel free to make fun of them for any errors made.

Team member Rigby
Team member Rigby Name

What are you good at?

Programming & eating chocolate.

What are you NOT good at?

Not eating chocolate.

Some food you love?

Lasagna & chocolate.

Something that drives you crazy?

The lack of chocolate.

Nutella: Digger or Layerer?

Layerer! I hate diggers.

Your worst habit?

Wake up at night and eat some Nutella.

Favourite Chocolate?

Zotter from Austria <3

A cuddly, lovely weirdo. I’m the kind of person that can’t stay at home for too many nights in a row, because I’d start feeling lonely. So I’m out with friends quite often and really enjoy that I have some very, very good ones. I’m in love with amusement parks (Europa Park!) and with my Nintendo Switch (Splatoon 2!!!!). My brain seems to love repetition, since it is full of ads and their jingles. I might start singing random songs at some point if they pop up in my head. Probably it won’t be the best singing you’ve ever heard, but it comes from the heart. So yes, I guess a lovely little weirdo is a good description. : ]

Team member Sunny

What do you miss most from Austria?

Snowy landscapes!

What’s your favorite Sushi?

Orange-Nigiri (that’s a different story).

Your favorite workout?

Beat Saber!

Something you enjoy?

Cozy gaming evenings with friends <3

Your Nemesis?

Steam Summer Sale x.x

Funny quirk of yours?

Sit-Dancing while programming.

What bugs you sometimes?

I can’t grow a beard ._.

Mayonnaise! Yeah sometimes I am a tiny bit random, loud and annoying (until someone tells me to turn it down a bit, hehe). But most of the time I enjoy a chilled evening with my Cecilia (is it weird to name your computer?). I like to charge my battery with a biiiig variety of weird music. I listen to nearly everything, as long as it matches my mood. A rather unknown skill I have, besides my enormously good analytical skills *wink wink*, is my ability to juggle. If you ask nicely I might show it sometime (but I am a liiittle bit out of practise, be nice :D) One would call me a jollyful, little fellow that tries to help others and always sees the good side of things.


Shiro Name

A wonderful, young and lovely artist that saved our fluffy butts many times! Credit for new artwork goes to her!! 😀

Don’t forget to visit Shiros Instagram!


Sata Name

Sata is helping us with managment and social media work, because that stuff is hard. Thank you for organizing our mess! 🙂